Aside from having a very prolific career, Art Blakey is considered one of the inventors of the modern drumming today. As such, he had a very unique and distinctive drumming style. We call these Blakey signature trademarks, “Bu-isms”. The following transcriptions are from John Ramsey’s book Art Blakey’s Jazz Messages.



The Next four examples are from the tune “A Night in Tunisia” on the album A Night at Birdland (Blue Note BN 1522 vol. 1; also heard on “Avilla Tequila”, from the album Jazz Messengers at the Cafe Bohemia, vol. 2. (Blue Note BST 84090). The eighth notes can be slightly swung.


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Written by John Ramsay, Blakey (Art Blakey)

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Art used a four-piece set until the 1970’s when he added a tom-tom, using tow mounted toms (8×12 and 9×13). When I joined the big band in 1980’s Pearl Drums provided us with two seven piece kits (three mounted toms and two floor toms). Art used this type of set until he died.

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